Our Charity

What is Material Objective?

The Material Objective has been adopted by the Supreme Shrine, Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, as the only authorized charitable project. All funds raised in the name of the Supreme Shrine for any charitable or benevolent purpose shall be deemed a part of the Material Objective.

Who administers this fund?

All monies paid to the Material Objective Fund are administered and disbursed by a Board of Directors known as the SUPREME MATERIAL OBJECTIVE BOARD of the Supreme Shrine of the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem. The Board consists of five members, one of whom is elected each year for a term of five years. The officers of this Board are Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary.

What assistance is provided?

Financial assistance is granted only in cases of bodily disease, affliction or injury requiring medical treatment, appliances and/or special training for speech, hearing, dyslexia or similar disabilities that may be approved upon the recommendation of a doctor. There is a maximum payment for any one case and cannot include expenses for food, clothing, fuel, rent, transportation, loans, funeral and Living Center or Nursing Home room and board. All bills must not be older than 18 months.

How do I apply for assistance?

Application for assistance is presented to a Subordinate Shrine located near the applicant. When an application for aid is received by the Subordinate Shrine, it is referred to the Material Objective Committee of the Shrine. It is the duty of this committee to investigate fully the medical necessity of the treatment or relief, whether certified by an attending physician, the financial status of the applicant and the possibility of assistance from any other source.

All possible allowances or discounts are attempted. The committee makes every possible and reasonable effort to conserve all funds of the Material Objective, and whenever the applicant’s request can be satified through Province, State, County, City or other sources, it is attempted. After the investigation has been completed by the Subordinate Shrine, the case is referred to the Board for its consideration. It is the decision of the Board whether or not the case is accepted and the amounts that are to be paid.

What are the case limitations?

  • Estimates of future required expenditures can be reported and considered; however, advanced payments cannot be requested or made.
  • Payments are not made payable to the applicant. The Supreme Material Objective Board issues the checks to the Subordinate Shrines and they, in turn, issue their checks directly to the providers.
  • Payments are limited to paying UNPAID bills only. No reimbursement is made to the applicant for bills previously paid.
  • Bills over 18 months cannot be considered.
  • Bills that have been turned over to collection agencies cannot be considered.
  • No Shrine shall receive or consider a case for payment to be submitted to the Board of a person who is deceased. Material Objective funds cannot be paid to an estate.

What is the Material Objective General Fund?

The fund is raised by voluntary contributions from members of the Order. Each Sojourner is urged to contribute at least one cent per week or fifty-two cents per year. These funds are disbursed for payment of the approved cases but only upon written orders of the Supreme Material Objective Board.

What is the Material Objective Endowment Fund?

The Material Objective Endowment Fund consists of all monies contributed to the fund by Shrines and individual Sojourners through Life Memberships, In Memoriams, Gifts, or Bequests. As per Supreme Law, no part of the capital of this fund may be spent for any purpose. The funds are invested and held intact in trust. All earnings derived from this fund are placed in the General Fund and are available for disbursement.

How do I make an “In Memoriam” donation?

Contributions of $5.00 or more may be made in memory of loved ones, friends, Sojourners or other persons. These contributions can be designated to either the Supreme Material Objective General Fund or the Supreme Material Objective Endowment Fund. Acknowledgements of contributions are sent to all who contribute to either fund.

How can I get a Life Membership?

Life Memberships in the Material Objective are available to Sojourners for a contribution of $25.00. These funds are considered to be in lieu of further contributions to any Material Objective Fund and are held perpetually in the Endowment Fund.

Do I get anything for my contribution?

Contributions receive a specially designed card engraved in their name or that of another designated person.