Supreme Elected Officers

Supreme Worthy High Priestess
Mary Rose Wegener
Purple Sage Shrine No. 108, CA

Supreme Watchman of Shepherds
Ralph Lawson
Louisville Shrine No. 1, KY

Supreme Noble Prophetess
Patricia Beck
Grove City Shrine No. 53, PA

Supreme Associate Watchman of Shepherds
Bruce Wilkinson
Temple City Shrine No. 81, CA

Supreme Worthy Scribe
Judy Inukai, PSWHP
Mt. Olive Shrine No. 15, MO

Supreme Worthy Treasurer
Mary Jo Daugherty, PSWHP
North Star Shrine No. 45, OH

Supreme Worthy Chaplain
Sue Blackmore
Miriam Shrine No. 3, IL

Supreme Worthy Shepherdess
Stephanie Ann Page
Bethesda Shrine No. 12, MN

Supreme Worthy Guide
Sandra Smallwood
Judea Shrine No. 20, IN

Supreme Appointed Officers

Supreme Worthy Herald
Linda Horvath
Damascus Shrine No. 3, WA

Supreme First Wiseman
Bill Swank
Alchor Shrine No. 27, CA

Supreme Second Wiseman
Dan Disselhorst, IL

Supreme Third Wiseman
Stuart Houston
Azotus Shrine No. 5, MO

Supreme King
Rory Wolf, OH

Supreme Queen
Lori Anna Deyer
Grove City Shrine No. 53, PA

Supreme First Handmaid
Carol Stark
Harmony Council Shrine No. 27, IA

Supreme Second Handmaid
Molly Erskine
Oasis Shrine No. 20, CA

Supreme Third Handmaid
Sharon LaBot
Bethel Shrine No. 3, OK

Supreme Worthy Organist
Rose Mary Bennett
Arizona Shrine No. 1, AZ

Supreme Worthy Guardian
Lynn Clark
Ruth Shrine No. 64, OH

Supreme Worthy Guard
Kirsten Ward
Louisville Shrine No. 1, KY

Supreme Trustees

Joseph Riddle, Chairman – Harmony Council Shrine No. 27, IA
Connie Kross – Dekalb Shrine No. 47, IL
Don Beaton – Oasis Shrine No. 20, CA

Supreme Material Objective Board

Terri Ziegler – Gethsemane Shrine No. 79, CA
Chuck Kross – Dekalb Shrine No. 47, IL
Debbie Ewins – Abraham Shrine No. 100, IL
Jennifer Caulk – Grove City Shrine No. 56, PA
Dale Stark – Harmony Council Shrine No. 27, IA

Term Themes

Name: God’s Beauties
Colors: Grass green, Turquoise, lavener, and all colors seen in nature
Flowers Wild Prairie Rose, White Rose, Lilac, Fall Leaves, and all flowers seen in nature
Emblems: The Tree of Life with the 4 Seasons
Ralph’s Emblem: The Lion of Judah
Fun Emblem: Praying Angels
Advisors: Elegant Eagles
Scripture: Live “… Let your light shine before Men…” Matt 5:16
Love “…That ye love one another, as I have loved you…” John 13:34
Laugh “…A time to weep, and a time to laugh” Eccles. 2:4
Ralph’s Scripture: “And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.” Revelations 5:5

Motto: Live every moment, Love beyond words, Laugh every day!
Watchwords: Live, Love, Laugh
Music: Que Sera Sera
Turn, Turn, Turn (The Seasons
You’ve got a Friend
On the Road Again
Jesus Loves Me
Praise From Him Who All Blessings Flow
I Sing Because I’m Happy
How Great Thou Art
This Is My Father’s World
There’s Room at the Cross
I Will Follow Him