Supreme Elected & Appointed Officers

Supreme Worthy High Priestess
Sandra Smallwood (Judea No. 20, IN)

Supreme Watchman of Shepherds
William Wagner (Birmingham No. 5, AL)

Supreme Noble Prophetess
Barbara Eccles (Shepherds No. 49, IL)

Supreme Associate Watchman of Shepherds
Marshall Long (Mt. Pleasant No. 57, OH)

Supreme Scribe
Judy E. Inukai, PSWHP (Mt. Olive No. 150, MO)

Supreme Treasurer
Mary Jo Daugherty, PSWHP (North Star No. 45, OH)

Supreme Worthy Chaplain
Lynn Clark (Ruth No. 64, OH)

Supreme Worthy Shepherdess
Jennifer Caulk (Grove City No. 53, PA)

Supreme Worthy Guide
Lori Patingale (North Star No. 45, OH)

Supreme Worthy Herald
Bonnie Allinder (Indianpolis No. 6, IN)

Supreme First Wise Man
Garry Owns (Nashville No. 2, TN)

Supreme Second Wise Man
Gerald Hager (Mahi No. 18, CO)

Supreme Third Wise Man
James McAlister (Tulsa No. 8, OK)

Supreme King
Joseph Monday (Guiding Star No. 28, FL)

Supreme Queen
Elizabeth Porter (IN)

Supreme First Hand Maid
Gail Lee (Dogwood No. 3, VA)

Supreme Second Hand Maid
Mary Jo Fentress (Judea No. 20, IN)

Supreme Third Hand Maid
Mary Puckett (Louisville No. 1, KY)

Supreme Worthy O
Mary Lin Carter (Azotus No. 5, MO)

Supreme Worthy Guardian
Darlene Hodge (Fairborn No. 62, OH)

Supreme Worthy Guard
William Groth (Cross of Texas No. 1, TX)