Supreme Elected Officers

Supreme Worthy High Priestess
Patricia Beck
Grove City Shrine No. 53, PA

Supreme Watchman of Shepherds
Bruce Wilkinson
Temple City Shrine No. 81, CA

Supreme Noble Prophetess
Sue Blackmore
Miriam No. 3, IL

Supreme Associate Watchman of Shepherds
Bennie Wegener
Purple Sage No. 108, CA

Supreme Worthy Scribe
Judy Inukai, PSWHP
Mt. Olive Shrine No. 15, MO

Supreme Worthy Treasurer
Mary Jo Daugherty, PSWHP
North Star Shrine No. 45, OH

Supreme Worthy Chaplain
Stephanie Ann Page
Bethesda Shrine No. 12, MN

Supreme Worthy Shepherdess
Sandra Smallwood
Judea Shrine No. 20, IN

Supreme Worthy Guide
Barbara Eccles
Shepherds Shrine No. 49, IL

Supreme Appointed Officers

Supreme Worthy Herald
Tamera Ziegler
Gethsemane Shrine No. 79, CA

Supreme First Wiseman
Hobie Henderson
North Star Shrine No. 2, TX

Supreme Second Wiseman
William Wagner
Savannah Shrine No. 5, GA

Supreme Third Wiseman
Quaid Smith
The Jewel Shrine No. 99, CA

Supreme King
James Lamb
Oregon Shrine No. 1, OR

Supreme Queen
Benita Sylvester
Oasis Shrine No. 20, CA

Supreme First Handmaid
Marjorie Wolf
Guiding Star No. 28, FL

Supreme Second Handmaid
Janet Teschler
Naomi Shrine No. 10, OH

Supreme Third Handmaid
Lois J. Dyer
Grove City Shrine No. 53, PA

Supreme Worthy Organist
Rosalie Beers
Fairborn No. 62, OH

Supreme Worthy Guardian
Elizabeth “Betty” Reynolds
Calvary No. 15, WA

Supreme Worthy Guard
John Chapman
Shepherds Shrine No. 49, IL

Secretary to the Supreme Worthy High Priestess
Brenda Ward
Grove City Shrine No. 53, PA

Supreme Trustees

Connie Kross, Chairmah – Dekalb Shrine No. 47, IL
Don Beaton – Oasis Shrine No. 20, CA
Joseph Riddle – Harmony Council Shrine No. 27, IA

Supreme Material Objective Board

Debbie Ewins – Abraham Shrine No. 100, IL
Dale Stark – Harmony Council Shrine No. 27, IA
Richard Ward – Grove City Shrine No. 53, PA
Millie Buckler – Temple No. 7, MO

Term Themes

Name: Harmonizers (SWHP); Melodeons (SWOS)
Colors: Shades of Purple, Shade of Green, Gold and Blue
Flowers: Pansy, African Violet, Morning Glories, Easter Lilies
Emblems: Cross (SWHP); Shepherd (SWOS)
Fun Emblem: Hummingbird (SWHP); Wizard (SWOS)
Scripture: John 3:16 (SWHP); Matthew 11:28 (SWOS)
Motto: Faith in God, Hope for our Future, and Perseverance in both
Watchwords: Faith, Hope, Perseverance
Music: Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, Patriotic, Christian, and Musical Film Songs (SWHP); His Name is Wonderful (SWOS)