Supreme Elected Officers

Supreme Worthy High Priestess
Terri Zeigler
Gethsemane No. 79, CA

Supreme Watchman of Shepherds
Craig Wilders
Sychar No. 36, PA

Supreme Noble Prophetess
Sandra Smallwood
Judea No. 20, IN

Supreme Associate Watchman of Shepherds
William Wagner
Birmingham No. 5, AL

Supreme Worthy Scribe
Judy Inukai, PSWHP
Mt. Olive Shrine No. 15, MO

Supreme Worthy Treasurer
Mary Jo Daugherty, PSWHP
North Star Shrine No. 45, OH

Supreme Worthy Chaplain
Barbara Eccles
Shepherds Shrine No. 49, IL

Supreme Worthy Shepherdess
Lynn Clark
Ruth No. 64, OH

Supreme Worthy Guide
Jennie Caulk
Grove City No. 53, PA

Supreme Appointed Officers

Supreme Worthy Herald
Cindy Long
North Star No. 45, OH

Supreme First Wiseman
Robert Parrish
Magdala No. 18, IL

Supreme Second Wiseman
Robert Cummings
Grove City No. 53, PA

Supreme Third Wiseman
Robert Long
Mt. Pleasant No. 57, OH

Supreme King
Jim Inukai
Mt. Olive No. 15, MO

Supreme Queen
Elaine Mann
Sychar No. 36, PA

Supreme First Handmaid
Cindy Wilders
Bethany No. 7, PA

Supreme Second Handmaid
Constance Tyler

Supreme Third Handmaid
Margaret Hahn
Bethlehem No. 18, IA

Supreme Worthy Organist
Fran Bobzin
Mt. Olivet No. 12, IA

Supreme Worthy Guardian
Valerie Ziesler
Purple Sage No. 108, CA

Supreme Worthy Guard
Leigh Altier
Ruth No. 64, IA

Secretary to the Supreme Worthy High Priestess
Wendy Wegener
522 Ocotillo Ave
Ridgecrest, VA 93555
(619) 206-2029

Secretary to the Supreme Noble Prophetess
Martha Ann Henry
821 Leslie Lane
Gardendale, AL 35071-3013
(205) 631-3336

Supreme Trustees

Joseph Riddle – Harmony Council No. 27, IA
Connie Cross – Dekalb No. 47, IL
Archie Smallwood – Louisville No. 1, KY

Supreme Material Objective Board

Brend Ward – Grove City No. 53, PA
Dale Stark – Harmony Council No. 27, IA
Millie Buckler – Temple No. 7, MOD
Darrell Cipriany – North Star No. 45, OH
Yvonne Shuck – Louisville No. 1, KY