Supreme Elected Officers

Supreme Worthy High Priestess
Sue Blackmore
Miriam No. 3, IL

Supreme Watchman of Shepherds

Supreme Noble Prophetess
Stephanie Ann Page
Bethesda Shrine No. 12, MN

Supreme Associate Watchman of Shepherds
Craig A. Wilders
Sychar No. 36, PA

Supreme Worthy Scribe
Judy Inukai, PSWHP
Mt. Olive Shrine No. 15, MO

Supreme Worthy Treasurer
Mary Jo Daugherty, PSWHP
North Star Shrine No. 45, OH

Supreme Worthy Chaplain
Sandra Smallwood
Judea Shrine No. 20, IN

Supreme Worthy Shepherdess
Barbara Eccles
Shepherds Shrine No. 49, IL

Supreme Worthy Guide
Lynn Clark
Ruth No. 64, OH

Supreme Appointed Officers

Supreme Worthy Herald
Wendy Wegener
Purple Sage No. 108, CA

Supreme First Wiseman
Andrew Stevenson
Hebron No. 6, LA

Supreme Second Wiseman
Joshua Caples
Gate City No. 2, NC

Supreme Third Wiseman
Robert Frankel
Lakewood No. 26, OH

Supreme King
Robert Cagley
North Star No. 2, TX

Supreme Queen
Pat Disselhorst
Miriam No. 3, IL

Supreme First Handmaid
Suzanne Cipriany
North Star No. 45, OH

Supreme Second Handmaid
Tracey Knox
Grove City No. 53, PA

Supreme Third Handmaid
Jean MacMullen
Guiding Star No. 28, FL

Supreme Worthy Organist
Janey Forney
Oasis No. 20, CA

Supreme Worthy Guardian
Sally Acuff
Madison No. 6, WI

Supreme Worthy Guard
Robert Boone
Mt. Olive No. 15, MO

Secretary to the Supreme Worthy High Priestess
Linda Sade
2516 Northridge Drive
Quincy IL, 62305
(217) 223-8159

Secretary to the Supreme Noble Prophetess
Carolyn Manry
718B Warrington Ave.
Redwood City, CA 94063

Supreme Trustees

Connie Kross, Chairmah – Dekalb Shrine No. 47, IL
Don Beaton – Oasis Shrine No. 20, CA
Joseph Riddle – Harmony Council Shrine No. 27, IA

Supreme Material Objective Board

Debbie Ewins – Magdala No. 18, IL
Dale Stark – Harmony Council Shrine No. 27, IA
Brenda Ward – Grove City Shrine No. 53, PA
Millie Buckler – Temple No. 7, MO
Darrell Cipriany, PSWOS, North Star No. 45, OH

Term Themes

Name: Angels
Colors: Light Blue and Colors of the Rainbow
Flowers: Carnations, Roses, Gerbera Daisies
Emblems: Noah’s Ark
Fun Emblem: Sewing Machine & Eighteen Wheeler Truck (SWHP); Gorilla (SWOS)
Scripture: Psalm 23 (SWHP); John 3:!6 (SWOS)
Motto: Let us love one another, for love comes from God.
Watchwords: Live Well, Love Well, Laugh Often
Music: Here I Am, Wings of a Dove, How Great Thou Art, In the Garden, Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses (SWHP); What a Friend We Have in Jesus (SWOS)